Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Review For Claimed By Cadem By Serena Akeroyd

Book Synopsis:
Reared in the Pride where females rule the roost, Caden Drummond was relieved to discover his mate was human. A woman incapable of gifting him children, but fully capable of loving and respecting him, of giving him everything a Lioness Shifter couldn't. 

So, when Lia discovers she's pregnant, married life stops being all shades of rosy. Has she cheated on him with a human male? Or is she an anomaly, a rare shifter with no knowledge of her heritage? 

A psychotic ex leads them to the truth, but those answers are like a dirty bomb in a hornet's nest. When she suddenly goes from a Bronx brat to a member of the Pride, she learns more than just what she is, Lia learns who she is, simultaneously rupturing the foundations of a thirty-year-old mystery. 

Will their marriage crack under the pressure of these revelations? Or will Lia finally be claimed by Caden in the way of her people? 

My Review:

I recived a copy of this to preview, and it is fantabulous

Serena has once again, written another flippin fantastic series that is for me, unputdownable, its creative, not like any other and it captures the characters personalities beautifully.

Caden finds his life mate Lia, working for him as his PA, he wants to spend his life with her, so they get married, but to get her accepted by his family or the pride, or his ''MOTHER'' should we say,  is another question altogether.

But then dramatic family matters evolve and 

I really enjoyed how the story flowed, and I really don't want to give anything away, but let's just say that it does have a HEA 

And we meet plenty of characters throughout the story, and i will make for a more powerful book two.

Loved the ending as well!!

I would recommend this to all, its fantastic.

4 stars

A little about the author:

Putting the Raunch in Romance!

I'm a latent developer in the writing world; I only discovered my love of the written word at 20. But ever since then, there's no stopping me.

Naughty Nookie is my first published series and gradually, the lives of the three central characters will be revealed amidst the cosmopolitan background of New York as their sexual explorations awaken them to who they really are.

Erotica is my genre; especially with unorthodox happy ever afters!

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