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Feature Interview With Clarissa Wild, Author of The Billionaires Bet Series

I'm very excited to have with me today Clarissa Wild, and to be able to ask her a few questions so we can get to know her a little better.

So Clarissa tell us a little about yourself.

I’m Clarissa Wild and I’m a writer of erotic and new adult romances. I write a lot of different kind of sexy books, ranging from sweet to hot and bothered kinky. 
I’m also an avid reader of the same genre. 
I love to share my stories with the world.

How did you become a writer, and did you always want to write?

I wrote from the moment I could hold a pen, really. 
I don’t remember not writing. 
I wrote stories when I was little and continued to do so for the rest of my life. 
It was an assortment of genres, but romance always drew me the most. 
I just love seeing people fall in love. :)

How do you hope your readers react to the stories you write?

I hope my stories make people feel warm and fuzzy, but also when it makes the laugh a little. 
I don’t take myself too seriously. 
I think it’s important that a story takes you away from the real world. 
It doesn't always need to be realistic. 
I like fairy tale stories :P Things that almost never happen. 
There’s already so much hardship in the world, it doesn’t need to be in stories as well. 
I love it when books take you to a different place and let you dream away.
It’s what makes it worth reading; the escape :)

What responses to your writing have affected you the most and why?

I think I was most struck by the fact that a fan told me she had put aside another book just so she could read mine. 
It was really wonderful to hear that someone wanted to read my books so much, they’d rather stop reading another and read mine instead :P
What I also love is when people ask me for a new instalment, or when they tell me they’re looking forward to reading the next and can’t wait.

Other than writing great stories, what other goals do you have for your life?

Well, I want to be a mother, too, which I haven’t had a chance of becoming yet. 
When the time comes, I will, but not now :P I’m far too busy enjoying writing and doing the thing I love.
I’d also love to travel the world one day. 
See all the places I wished to visit when I was young.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I’m a sucker for movies, really. 
I love to be immersed in story worlds. 
Same goes for books. 
When I have some spare time, I like to read a few books. 
I’m also a huge fan of computer games, which isn’t something a lot of people know about me. 
I adore The Sims for example, an odd favourite of mine. 
I just like creating stories, honestly, and The Sims allows me to do just that :P Funnily enough.

What can you tell us about your latest works?

Well, I just finished writing Blissful Volumes 1 to 3, which is a complete novel of 72000 words.
It is a sweet new adult romance with a lot of hardship in it, but it also has a Happy Ever After (HEA). 
I think this is one of the books I love most. 
I might write another volume, if time permits :)
I also just finished a short story called One Helluva Christmas Romance, which is an erotic short story especially written for ladies who like to read something naughty for Christmas ;)

What stories can your fans expect from you in the days ahead?

I have a little secret story that I’m working on. 
The project has no name yet, but I’m thinking of writing a novel about a fighter who fails at college and falls in love with a poor geek. 
Both of them have issues to work out, and there will be a suspenseful plot, too. I have a lot in store for them, but I’m still figuring out how to organize the novel before I start writing it. 
The bones need to be in place before I can start fleshing it out ;) This could take some time, but I hope to start writing it soon … and then my fans will get all the little sneak peeks and excerpts firsthand!

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Feature Interview With K.E Osborn, author of Trust Me & Love Me

We have Kim here with us today, and we get to ask her a few questions, so lets get started,

First up I wanted to let you know that we are going to have a give away as well, so look out for that, It will have Trust Me & Love me up for grabs, so check out for a chance to be in.

I loved the 2 books, my reviews are on the blog here so check them out, but I do recommend you read them, as they are

Tell us a little about yourself.

Firstly I want to thank you so much for having me. Now a little about me hmm? 
Well, I was born in September 1984 and raised in Adelaide South Australia
I had a love of writing throughout High School but went down a different path of Graphic Design instead.

I am an avid animal lover, but bug and creepy crawler hater.
I love music and movies and my favourite food is pasta, or sausages, hmm pasta with sausages? Lol and I’m a little weird ;)

Aiden and Jeni are the amazing couple from the Trust me? Trilogy and they were born into the world through my imagination in 2012.

 How did you become a writer, and did you always want to write

In high school I had a love of writing, but decided on a career in Graphic Design instead. 
It wasn’t until I had a vivid dream about a couple meeting through a three-car pile-up, that I felt like I had to write this story down.  
Next thing I know the idea has turned into a Trilogy.  
My dream was in October 2012, and I set myself down and started writing solidly until the Trilogy was on paper.  It wasn’t until my mum Kay, found the work and started reading it that I realised I wanted to publish it. 
I wrote in the genre of Adult Contemporary Romance because it is what I read and enjoy. 
The genre came naturally to me and I love to write it.

How do you hope your readers react to the stories you write?

So far I have had nothing but great reports. 
My fans love Aiden, he’s a fantastic book boyfriend, he’s sweet, caring, loving, beyond gorgeous and rich – always a plus. Lol.

What responses to your writing have affected you the most and why?

I would say when people write to me asking, well demanding to know when the next book in the trilogy will be released. 
They say they love the books and can’t wait to see how it all ends for Aiden and Jeni.

Other than writing great stories, what other goals do you have for your life?

To travel would be a great one. 
I have only been out of Australia once in my life and I would love to see the world.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Spare time? What’s that? Lol I read and I also do some graphic design as I have a Diploma in Advertising and Graphic Design. I love to help bloggers and other bookish people with designs for their pages and SWAG.

What can you tell us about your latest works?

Trust Me? and Love Me? are the first two books in The Trust Me? Trilogy. 
They are based in Mornington Vale, California. Aiden O’Connell is an up and coming young businessman working in his father’s finance company. Jenifer (Jeni) Taylor is content with her life, dull and boring as it is. She doesn’t trust men and that stems from her abusive ex boyfriend and an absentee father. 
Her issues run deep so trusting anyone, especially men is a no go zone for Jeni. 
One day when Jeni is running late for work she is involved in a three-car pile-up. 
Aiden is the driver of the car that crashes into her and his breath is instantly taken away by a fiery, feisty Jeni, who is out for blood.

Aiden manages to wear down Jeni’s defences and they go out on a date, romance ensues and their story continues from there.
If you think that Trust Me? is just another romance, you’re wrong. 
There are twists and turns, laughter, sorrow and plenty of lust.

What stories can your fans expect from you in the days ahead?

At the moment I am working hard on getting the rewriting and editing done for ‘All of Me?’ – Book Three of The Trust Me? Trilogy. 
But as far as writing goes my next project is called Just Friends? which is about an Australian girl Kat Barett, who moves to LA to further her music career. 
She meets a cocky and arrogant Will Sanders, at her college. 
An Indie Director hires Kat and Will to star in an upcoming movie franchise. 
The story talks about their rise to fame, how they cope with it, and ultimately go from being just friends to falling in love.
Then there a project called It Will Rain? which is about Makailie Raine, a budding author who is on the right side of the tracks. 
She meets Cole Barrington, who is from the wrong side of the tracks. 
Cole is dominant and ruthless in his business dealings, which makes Makailie quickly realise there is something he is hiding from her. 
Cole is infatuated by Makailie and her innocence, but he doesn’t want to drag her into his darkness. 
This book may develop into a series of two books, but the first one is still in the draft stages of writing.

What would you like to say to your fans in New Zealand and others worldwide?

That I love you all! Without your help and support this Trilogy wouldn't be anywhere near as popular as it is. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart to all of my dedicated fans who have read and loved both Trust Me? and Love Me?

I visited New Zealand a few years ago now for five weeks and it was not long enough.  
I absolutely love New Zealand and hope to return there very soon.

Do you have any parting words?

Just again to say thank you to all my fans, friends and family who have helped me and guided me on this amazing and crazy journey. Writing is in my blood and I wouldn't want to be doing anything else, and they make it all possible. So thank you!

Also thank you to Trina’s Tantilising Tidbits for having me.

Trust Me? The Trust Me? Trilogy by K E Osborn is now available for purchase for $0.99 for a limited time only at Amazon and Smashwords.
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This book is for mature audiences 18+ It contains explicit language and sexual content.

Love Me? The Trust Me? Trilogy by K E Osborn is now available for purchase for $3.99 at Amazon and Smashwords.

For Amazon and kindle

You can download from smashwords in the following formats:
Epub for iPads, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo etc.
Kindle for Kindle devices.
PDF for the computer.

This book is for mature audiences 18+ It contains explicit language and sexual content.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Love Me? (The Trust Me? Trilogy #2) by K.E. Osborn

Book Synopsis:

In the first book of The Trust Me? Trilogy, Jeni Taylor finds the love of her life, but as the second book begins, she finds herself lost without Aiden O’Connell, who’s been wrongly convicted of embezzlement charges and incarcerated. She must find the strength within to help prove he’s innocent while dealing with other issues. Aiden’s father, Alastair, still taunts her, making life between Jeni and Aiden more difficult, and an unexpected visitor enters their lives, creating havoc and turning it upside down. Jeni’s trust issues return in a major way after an incident leaves her fragile and broken. Aiden and Jeni find themselves going through more trials and tribulations than ever before in this second installment of the Trust Me? Trilogy. In the end, Jeni will be asked the ultimate question: Do you still love me?

My Review:

Trust Me? (The Trust Me? Trilogy #1) by K.E. Osborn

Book Synopsis:

Jenifer Taylor is content with her life, dull and boring as it is. Being absent from the dating scene means she doesn’t have to deal with the major trust issues she has with men that stem from a controlling and aggressive ex-boyfriend and an absentee father. She’s happy being alone, sharing her life with her friends and family.

When Jeni starts a typical day in the big city of Mornington Vale, California, it turns from bad to worse when she’s involved in a chain collision on her way to work.

Her world changes forever that day because she meets Aiden O’Connell, the billionaire son of Alistair O’Connell, who owns Mornington Vale’s largest financial corporation. Aiden is an up-and-coming young businessman who's ready to take on the vice presidency of his father’s company. He is the good son, and it’s imperative to Alistair that Aiden succeed and follow in his footsteps. Life for Aiden involves working hard and not much else.

After the accident, however, Aiden’s world changes as well. He finds Jeni irresistible and instantly pursues her. With some coaxing, she eventually agrees to a date, and the attraction is mutual.

Jeni finds love quickly with Aiden, but trusting him is another issue. When to trust is tested in many different ways but comes to a head when Aiden is investigated for a serious crime. As her trust issues spark, she is forced to go through a journey of self-discovery. 

She must decide once and for all whether she trusts the man she loves when she’s asked the ultimate question: “Do you trust me?”

This is book one in a series of three. Book two "Love Me?" is coming soon

My Review:

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Review For A Bitch In Time (Marina: Part One: Naughty Nookie Series) by Serena Akeroyd

Book Synopsis:

Marina has never taken the easy road. Why should she, when she prefers a storm to a perfect summer’s day? But even for her, Marina’s life is in a mess and she knows it. 

Too many wrong decisions have put her life in danger and the only way to safety is to embrace the past. But Marina moves forward, steam-rolling ahead rather than focusing on the mistakes she’s made; the mistakes that have brought her to this point. And while she is happy with her head buried in the sand, Nathan Conroy won’t let her. 

He loved her once, could love her again, but for her safety, even if it causes her to hate him, he’ll do anything to protect her from the mess she’s in. 

From big city living to a huge ranch in the middle of nowhere, Marina’s safety comes at a price. But to her the physical danger is no less frightening than the peril to her heart. 

Can she rewind ten years to right the wrongs she once made? And even though the future depends on it, can she unbend enough to do just that?

My review:

COVER REVEAL OF TAINTED (Torn #3) By K.A. Robinson

Look Out For This Book As The Conclusion                  To Drake & Chloe's Story 

Part One: 
Facing My Demons

Drake lost everything the day Chloe walked away from him. Feeling angry and hurt by her abandonment, he dives deeper into his cocaine use. Each day becomes a struggle for him. After his band is picked up by a recording studio in Los Angeles, things go from bad to worse. What happens to a man who has lost everything he ever truly cared about?

Part Two:
Learning to Love Again

When Drake showed up on Chloe’s doorstep, begging for forgiveness, she couldn't turn him away. 
To Chloe, loving Drake is like breathing and she couldn't bring herself to let him go again.

But what happens next? Follow Chloe and Drake as they learn to forgive and heal together.

Will Drake’s fame get in the way of their happily ever after? Or is love enough to keep them together?

The epic conclusion to Drake and Chloe’s story.

A little about the author

K.A. Robinson
New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author of the Torn Series
Shattered Ties- Now Available for $2.99!

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The Billionaire's Bet: A Box Set, Book 1,2,3 & 4 By Author Clarissa Wild

Book Synopsis:

Book 1
A Seductive Deal

Julie Valentine’s soul searching turned out to be a bad case of the author blues. Having just broken up with her boyfriend, she goes to a casino in the hopes of relaxing and getting her mind straight, while rekindling her passion for books, but not even a nice glass of wine seems to work. Writing steamy romances requires more than just leisure time.
When she meets the billionaire Dominic Fury, a handsome blue-eyed kind ladies’ man, his charms win her over. Maybe spending a night with him will give her plenty of inspiration. It turns out Dominic has a seductive request for her, one she cannot refuse

Book 2
A Hot Call

After a steamy night with hot billionaire Dominic Fury, author Julie Valentine wants more from him. The sexy experience has left a mark on her she cannot ignore. She can finally write some heavy romance again and agrees to a contract with Dominic.
What she doesn't know, is that Dominic has some dark secrets of his own and he's not eager to spill. Soon she discovers his dominant side might be more than just a playful show and she has to decide whether she wants to stay with him or not. Both of them have a past that controls their growing relationship, forcing them to choose. Is their will to be loved stronger than their will to survive?

Book 3
A Risky Raise

Julie Valentine has chosen to stay with hot billionaire Dominic Fury, despite the fact that he has unresolved issues from his past. She’s falling for him and can’t resist his charms any longer. Passion and love are plentiful in their relationship and it gives her inspiration for her books.
But their future together is shrouded by a past filled with dark secrets. Dominic’s choice to hide important facts put a strain on their relationship, but when Julie uncovers them she’s thrown into a dangerous plot; one that could lead to her death.

Book 4
A Final Game

Julie Valentine has barely escaped from the hands of death, and billionaire Dominic Fury confessed his dark secrets to her. She finally understands the magnitude of his problems and doesn't know what to do. She takes some time off to be on her own, but she can’t get Dominic off her mind. Trying to make things work with him is harder than she could’ve imagined, but their connection is too strong to ignore.
But the past haunting Dominic isn't going to let him go easily. This time, it’s his life that’s on the line. Determined to save Dominic, Julie sets out to destroy what’s hurting him, risking her own life in the process. Pain is around every corner, but she’ll fight until the very end. The game has only just begun.

My review:

Thursday, 12 December 2013

A Beautiful Wedding (Beautiful #2.5) by Jamie McGuire

Book Synopsis:

You know that Abby Abernathy unexpectedly became Mrs. Maddox. But what do you really know?

Why did Abby pop the question?
What secrets were shared before the ceremony?
Where did they spend their wedding night?
Who else knew about it . . . and didn’t tell?

Everything about Abby and Travis’s elopement was top-secret . . . until now. Fans of Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster will get all of their questions answered in this whirlwind tale of the wedding day (and night!)—and as with all good stories, this one will definitely have been worth the wait.

My Review:

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Adore me (The Keatyn Chronicles #4.5) by Jillian Dodd

Book Synopsis:

Join Keatyn on Thanksgiving Break in this Keatyn Chronicles novella. 

I've finally become the kind of girl my little sisters could look up to. 
Except for the lies. 
Lying to my friends is killing me. 
And the longer I’m there—the closer we get—the more I feel like I’m being eaten from the inside out. 
If I go back to Eastbrooke, I’ll end up nothing but a shell. 
So I'm not going back. 
I'm going to St. Croix by myself. And for the first time in my life, I'm okay with being alone. 

Except...I don't actually end up on the island alone

My Review:

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Feature Interview With One Of My Fav's Its Serena Akeroyd

I got to nail down Serena Akeroyd for just 15 minutes only, she is one busy lady.
but she always makes time for fans and friends.

So anyway she revealed to me a little about herself, and now I'll share it with you, hehe nothing is private around here.

Tell us a little about yourself.

Serena Akeroyd is a creature of the night.  She lives like a vampire (who she wishes existed) in the depths of the darkness.  She doesn’t suck blood, instead, she taps and taps and drives the neighbours crazy.  Her stories are books she’d like to read...  and now, I’m going to return to first person.  :D I’m a little whacky, a little crazy and way too blunt for my own good!  A hermit, by nature, if I never had to leave the house, it wouldn’t be too soon!  

How did you become a writer, and did you always want to write?

I wish I could say I’d dreamed of being a writer since my childhood.  But that isn’t the case.  I HATED English as a brat.  And to be honest, it hated me.  Suddenly, when I was in the latter stages of my teen years, I picked up a Mills & Boon book and I knew, knew I was meant to write romance.  Weird, I know.  Not the average epiphany.  I didn’t dream about curing cancer or saving the whales...  just crafting Happy Ever Afters.  That’s who I am, though. 

How do you hope your readers react to the stories you write?

I want them to fall in love with the characters, want it to be hard for them to carry on to another book.  I want to create book hangovers; where you wish really, really hard that the story wasn’t over and the next day, you just can’t stop thinking about them. 
A big ask, but I aim high! 

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Binary Law (Boston #1) by M.H. Grace

Book Synopsis:

Ellie Andrews has been receiving tutoring from Blake McCarthy for three years to help her improve her grades so she can get into one of the top universities to study law. And she’s had a huge crush on him since she can remember.

Blake McCarthy is the geek at school that’s had a crush on Ellie since the day he met her.

In their final tutoring session, Blake and Ellie finally become brave enough to take the leap of faith.
But, life has other plans and rips them apart.

Six years later Blake and his best friends Ben and Billy have built a successful internet platform company 3BCubed, while Ellie is a successful and hardworking lawyer specialising in Corporate Law.
3BCubed is being threatened with a devastatingly large plagiarism case and when it lands on their lawyers desk, it’s handed to the new Corporate Lawyer to handle and win.

Coincidence or perhaps fate will see Blake and Ellie pushed back together.

Binary Law will have Blake and Ellie propelled into a life that’s a whirl wind of catastrophic events and situations where every emotion will be touched. Hurt will be experienced, happiness will be presented and love will be evident. But is that enough for Blake and Ellie be able to live out their own happily ever after?

“I have no intentions of this journey ending anytime soon, but it starts tonight, with you and me” - Blake McCarthy

My Review:

Feature On Author Diana Gardin, Author of Color Blind & Out Of The Ashes

Author Questions for Trina’s Tantilising Tidbits

Today we are lucky enough to get to ask Diana Gardin 10 questions regarding herself, and we get to hear a little about her upcoming book ''Out of the Ashes'' Plus you have the chance to win a copy of Out of the Ashes, Diana's new book.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m a wife and a mom before I’m anything else. I've been married to my amazing (and so, so handsome) husband for six and a half years and we have a three-year -ld diva and a one-year-old little man. Their names are Carrington and Raleigh. We live in South Carolina which is on the East Coast of the United States. I grew up in Coastal Virginia, so the beach is in my blood and I WILL live beside it again one day! I used to be a teacher in my past life (that’s what I call my life before kids) and I taught second and third grade. I loved that, but after I had my daughter my heart was in being at home with her all day. Thus, my writing career was born! I'm also a dancer. I've danced my whole life, competitively as a teenager and when I was in my twenties. So now I teach and choreograph when I can: ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary.

How did you become a writer, and did you always want to write?
You know what? I've always, always had an affinity for writing. As a child, I had work published in the local paper and I won numerous writing contests. But somehow, as I got older, I really lost sight of my talent and never even considered trying to make a career of it. So when I began staying at home with my daughter when she was one, I sat down and decided to write the story of a girl I had floating around I my head. The story became the novel Color Blind.

How do you hope your readers react to the stories you write?
I want them to love them. Really! I want readers to fall in love with the characters so that they want more of them. Because I really want to write more of them. And I love my characters…so it would be so nice if others did, too.