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Review For Serena Akeroyd's Angel's Kiss

Book Synopsis

When Lyssa discovers her fiancé's idea of a la carte dining is munching on Dima Vasin, his bodyguard, she's more pissed off at the fact she has to share him than the life-altering discovery Vampyres and Lykaens truly exist. 

Niko and Dima have been seeking their mate ever since the war between their races came to an end two centuries ago. 
Now Lyssa's in their arms, all they're focused on is making her accept her role in their lives, and, the honeymoon in Maui. But Fate has other plans. 

The Fomor, an evil race of Celts, are at war with mankind. A war no one but the Gods, the Sidhe, and the malevolent creatures are even aware of! Banished to the depths of the oceans, the Fomor have sought their freedom for milennia. With every escapee from their icy prison, humanity is tarnished a little more, the evil in man's nature exploited for the worse. 

The sins of mankind and the destruction of the planet fall on the Fomor's shoulders, and it's up to the Gods' footsoldiers, the Lykes and Pyres, to save Earth and its residents before crisis strikes. 

But the clock is ticking, and for Lyssa, Dima, and Niko, it might just be too little, too late..

My Review:

I recived a copy of this to preview, and it is fantabulous

Serena has once again, written another flippin fantastic story that is unputdownable.

Lyssa has never in her life been part of what Niko & Dima can offer her, and as much as it scares her it also excites her tremendously. 

There are parts to Lyssa that even she does not understand but they help to make everything clearer for her, and bring her to heights she never in her world of dream could imagine.

There are horrors she needs to endure and they make it possible for her to concur them, and put them to bed so to speak.

I would recommend this to all, its fantastic.

4 stars

A little about the author:

Putting the Raunch in Romance!

I'm a latent developer in the writing world; I only discovered my love of the written word at 20. But ever since then, there's no stopping me.

Naughty Nookie is my first published series and gradually, the lives of the three central characters will be revealed amidst the cosmopolitan background of New York as their sexual explorations awaken them to who they really are.

Erotica is my genre; especially with unorthodox happy ever afters!

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