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Audio Book Tour For Briana Gaitan's The Last Thing

The Last Thing Audiobook Tour
The Last Thing
Author: Briana Gaitan
Genre: New Adult Romance
Date Published: 8/15/2014
Series: Hollywood Timelines

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The Last Thing : 

The One Thing :
Just Caspian:

The bestselling book in the Hollywood Timelines series is now available as an audiobook
Plagued by past mistakes in both love and life, Quinn Bardot is in a bad place. With nowhere else to turn, she escapes to LA, clinging to the promise of a fresh start.
Chase Crowley is known for being selfish and unbelievably persistent. All he's ever wanted is to become a successful actor. But now that he is about to have it all, he finds that something is still missing. Money and fame aren't what he expected.
After a fervent encounter, the two of them are thrown into a situation for which neither is prepared. Can Quinn extinguish her fears and let Chase in? Can Chase learn to put someone else's needs before his own?
The Last Thing is a novel all about love, Hollywood, and accepting what life throws at you even if it is the last thing you want.
The Last Thing is a standalone audiobook with no cliffhanger ending. It is book one in the series. It contains language and adult situations not recommended for listeners younger than 17.

About the author
Briana Gaitan is the bestselling author of the Hollywood Timelines series (The Last Thing and The One Thing) and coauthor of the Ethereal Underground series. 
Briana is a southern native and self proclaimed geek. She has never wanted anything but to create whether it be composing music, decorating her house, or giving voices to the characters inside her head.Her days are spent obsessing over a good read, raising her three kids, and watching anything on the SyFy channel. Through her writing, she hopes to inspire others to believe in the impossible.
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