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Antholgy Pre Sales Blitz For Ten Tales Of Sensual Surrender

Title: Mastered 2: Ten Tales of Sensual Surrender
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: April 21, 2015

On the heels of the wildly popular New York Times and USA Today bestseller, MASTERED, we bring you MASTERED 2, ten more tales of sensual surrender!

Played by the Master by Opal Carew

Jacqueline adjusted the straps on her snug black dress, ensuring they hiked up her ample bosom, then stared at herself critically in the large mirror in the elegant hotel lobby ladies’ room.
She was here on a mission and she’d pulled out all the stops.  Low cut black dress that hugged every curve of her body.  Shockingly high stilettos that made her legs look even longer than they were, and accentuated her rounded butt.  She turned in the mirror and glanced at her backside.  Her cheeks flushed at the sight of herself in the short, tight black dress, all her assets blatantly on display, but it was important she succeed and she needed to use everything she had going for her.  She had even pulled her long, chestnut hair up and clipped it neatly behind her head to stop it from obscuring her cleavage.
She turned back to face the mirror, her gaze dropping to the sparkly diamond star pendant grazing the tops of her pushed-up-thrust-forward breasts.  (Her brother had given it to her and it was a constant reminder of how he’d always taken care of her, and believed in her.  He’d told her she’d be a star in whatever she did.)
Three women entered the washroom, chatting.  Jacqueline reapplied her deep red lipstick, then dropped the tube in her evening bag and walked back into the lobby.
The hotel was lavishly elegant.  Crystal chandeliers glittered from the ceiling as she walked along the marble floor, her heels clacking on the surface.  She walked to the concierge desk and opened her small, sequined bag and pulled out a black and red poker chip with the Danner insignia on it.
He glanced at it and nodded.
“Go to room 2403.”
She smiled as she turned and walked to the elevator.  Room 2403 was where she would find Mr. Danner.  Billionaire owner of Danner Industries.  She had to see him and convince him to help her sister.
She’d tried calling his secretary to arrange to see him in his office so she could plead her case, but he was harder to get an appointment with than the president of the United States.  So she’d talked to a friend of hers, who knew that Danner ran a high-stakes poker game once a month.  No one knew where it was until the day, and it was extremely exclusive.  Danner didn’t worry about the details of deciding who could play.  He had staff to check out potentials, but Jacqueline’s friend had an in and had obtained one of the poker chips that would allow her in the door.
Every player had to go with at least two hundred thousand dollars they were prepared to lose, which she didn’t have.  But she didn’t intend to lose.  She smiled as she walked onto the elevator and pushed the button.
Because she intended to cheat.
* * *
Race Danner stared out the window of the luxury hotel room over the lights of the city reflected in the lake below as he poured himself a drink.  The other players were continuing the game behind him, but he’d stopped to take a break.  He sipped the seventy-five year old scotch and sighed.
Even these poker games, that he’d arranged to break up the boredom he’d been suffering from over the past year, had stopped giving him the excitement he was seeking.
Travel, women, extreme sports.  None of it gave him exactly what he was looking for.
He turned back to the game, watching the intensity in the eyes of the card players at the table.
The problem was, he didn’t know exactly what he was looking for.
But he had a feeling he’d know when he saw it.
A knock sounded at the door and Renaldo, one of the hotel serving staff overseeing the game, answered it.  Race heard a young woman’s voice, then the Renaldo opened the door and she walked inside.
His breath held as he stared at her.
The little black dress—and he did mean little—and the fuck-me shoes she wore showcased her stunning body, but he could tell she wasn’t used to wearing such a revealing outfit.  She carried herself with confidence, but he could read people and could sense a hesitation in her.  She glanced around, as if wondering if anyone was gazing at her, but not in a look-at-me way.
Her hair was swept up and held in place by a glittery butterfly clip, which meant it was long.  He liked long hair.  He smiled to himself, deciding that before the night was over, he’d see her hair hanging loose and free.  And he’d ensure he soon get the chance to coil her tresses around his hand and hold tight.
Renaldo was talking to her, and Race knew the man would hustle her out, since she was not one of the people on the invitation list for tonight.
Race would not let her slip through his fingers, however.  He walked toward them.
“Problem, Renaldo?” Race asked.

Jenna’s Punishment by Ruby Foxx

My gaze fell on the forbidden door and curiosity poked at me.  I knew he had a stash of keys in his kitchen drawer and I bet one of them was for the lock on this door.  I bit my lip, toying with the idea of grabbing those keys and looking inside.
What would it hurt?  He’d never have to know.
And I really wanted to know what was inside.
I turned and walked into the kitchen, then grabbed the keys and returned to the hallway.  The third key fit in the lock.
I hesitated, knowing I shouldn’t really do this.
But curiosity won out and I turned the key.  I pushed the door open and peered inside, but it was dark in the room.  Were there no windows?
I reached along the wall, searching for a light switch.  My fingers found it and I flicked on the light.
My eyes widened.  The room was big and at first I couldn’t even comprehend what I was seeing.  I stepped inside.
There was a black leather couch and a big black cupboard on one wall.  There was strange furniture around the room that I didn’t really understand, but many had big steel rings fastened to them, some with leather straps attached, and others with chains.
There were chains on the wall, too, at just the right height for a person.  In the corner, there was a tall, narrow cage.
I walked to the cabinet and opened one of the doors.  Inside, I was shocked to find what looked like floggers, riding crops, and paddles in different shapes and sizes.  I reached out and touched one of the suede floggers with one-inch wide strands.  It was a beautiful shade of purple, and the suede was soft under my fingertips.
“I told you not to come in here.”
I twirled around at the sound of Cade’s voice.  He stood in the doorway looking big and menacing.
“I’m… uh… sorry.”
There was no way to explain away what I’d done.  I had blatantly defied his wishes, and now I’d been caught.
He frowned as he stepped into the room.
“Now you must think I’m some kind of freak.  Or pervert,” he said.
“No, of course not.  I would never think that about you.”
His eyebrow arched.  “Then what do you think?”  He raised his hand and gestured around the room.  “About all of this?”
I turned back to the cupboard and touched the suede flogger again, loving the softness of it.
“I think that it shows you’re adventurous in the bedroom.  That you like to try new, exciting things.”
He closed the door behind him and stepped toward me.  “And what about you, Jenna?  Do you like exciting, adventurous things in the bedroom?”
As he approached, like a panther stalking his prey, my heart raced.
“Well… uh…”  I drew in a breath.  “Sure, I guess so.”
As I glanced around the room at all the strange equipment, however, my stomach fluttered in uncertainty.  But I knew deep inside that I totally trusted Cade.
“You don’t sound too certain.”
“Well, it totally depends on who I’m with.”  Then I smiled seductively.  “With you, for instance, I would be very adventurous.”
He stopped in front of me and placed his hands on my shoulders.
“You know, Jenna.  I told you that you and I wouldn’t happen.  Remember?”
Disappointment flooded through me and I nodded.
“And I told you not to come in this room. Right?”
I nodded again, feeling very sheepish.
“Say ‘yes, sir’ so I know you understand.”
“Yes, sir.”
Then his hand glided along my shoulders and down my arms, sending tremors of awareness through me.
“Since you chose to ignore what I told you, I think there have to be consequences.”
Consequences?  Was he going to fire me?
But the heat in his eyes and the velvety tone of his voice assured me otherwise.
“Like what?”  Then I added, “Sir.”
A slow smile spread across his face.
“I will have to punish you.”

Resistor by Madelynne Ellis

“Let’s go into the party suite.”
It was only a few short steps across the hall. Spook tried the door handle, then ushered her inside. The huge room was all decked out for when the auditorium emptied. Tables and chairs set out around the edges, canapés on the bar, and row upon row of filled crystal glasses waiting to be served.
Spook grabbed a glass off the nearest tray and downed it in one long gulp before reaching for another.
“In need of Dutch courage?” she asked.
“Guess so.” Second drained, he went for a third. “Course it’d help if it was something stronger than pissing sherry.” He slammed the glass back down against the tablecloth, then looked a little sheepish, possibly over how much force he’d used, though equally it could have been over his treatment of her. Perhaps indicative of its quality, the glass remained intact.
“OK!” He paused to drag both hands through the front of his hair, which left the blond strands sticking up. “Yeah. I’m sorry, I —”
“I’ve driven you to drink,” she remarked, casting a glance at the row of empties.
“Demented,” he corrected her. “You’ve driven me demented, as if the band didn’t do that already.”
“Pretty impressive of me, given we haven’t spoken for months.”
He took a deep breath and sighed, but faced her straight on. “I thought about you. A lot. Maybe too much. Definitely too much.”
“Nice things?” she asked. Yes, she was fishing for compliments, but hey, five minutes ago she didn’t think they’d ever be having this conversation.
“Depends on your definition of nice.”
“Naughty,” she replied. “As in things that turned you on, and maybe got you sweating a little, and hard.” She flicked her gaze down to his loins and back.
Spook gave a groan. “I’d be lying if I said otherwise.”
“So, why didn’t you call?”
His hand shot out to seize another drink. Alle curled her fingers around his outstretched arm, making him pause. Slowly, he released the stem of the glass and steadied his gaze upon her face again. “Because this can’t be.”
“Why not? Is there someone else?”
“No — hell, no!” His brow furrowed. “There’s nobody.”
“Then you’re making no sense. What’s wrong with us enjoying some adult fun?” She sought his hand to link their fingers together.
Spook’s frown only deepened at the sight of their palms pressed together so tightly, but, she noticed, he didn’t pull away. “Alle, I can’t be who you want me to be.”
The ludicrousness of the remark surprised a smile out of her. “You are who I want you to be.”
“No.” He freed his fingers from her grip and used them to cover her mouth. ‘I’m not. I know you think you’ve found the person who’ll give you what you’re craving, but I’m not that man. I can’t… I’m sorry.’
‘Did I imagine you tanning my arse?’
‘Am I supposed to believe you’re not interested in doing it again?’
‘Of course not.
“Then what? Why? If you want it and I want it… Spook, we want the same thing, don’t we? Why are you so dead against exploring that?”
He clammed up, lips pursed, deep, ocean-blue eyes downcast as he turned his hand to cup her cheek and chase a tear of frustration that tracked down her face.
“It was good between us, Spook.”
“Yes, it was. Better than good.”
She blinked, trying to clear her eyes, and not crumple into a blubbering heap. She was stronger than that. She didn’t cry, not with four brothers who’d mocked her mercilessly for it. Tears had never got her what she wanted, quite the opposite. At home, her tears were what had marked her as a girl and had stopped her from getting her the same deal as the rest of her siblings. She couldn’t wipe the salt tracks from her skin though, without knocking Spook’s hand out of the way, and no matter what, she wouldn’t break that contact.
“I’m not worth crying over.”
“I’m not crying.”
He caught another tear on his fingertips and brought it to the tip of his tongue. Mesmerized, she watched him taste it, and felt her panties get wet. Sweet mercy! She could see him doing that after he’d pushed her to the limits of her endurance and she was just a breath away from numbness, sunk deep into a sort of sub-space of stretched nerves, surrender, and bliss. Her gasp left her lips gently parted and the remainder of her breath caught in the top of her lungs.
Spook’s gaze fixed upon her breasts, then lifted slowly back to her mouth.
She was going to kiss him.
She didn’t care if he pushed her away.
She was going to kiss him.
Kiss him now.

Luscious by T.J. Michaels

Mac was an alpha to the bone. In her case, alpha didn't mean bitch...well, unless some bitchiness was required at the moment. It was simply her personality and style, and allowed her to successfully run a thriving business in a field dominated by men, and deal with emergencies with ease.
On the flip side of that coin, this man, her husband, brought out the submissive in her like literally no one else could. And when her man crossed his legs and let his vivid green gaze roam boldly from her head to her feet and back again, Mac felt sexy as hell. Blushing, she automatically bowed before him.
"Today, it's you, me and some rope. Do you consent to this, MacKenzie Chalice Daniels-Ivers?"
Oh dear lord, he called her by her whole name! That was typically reserved for when she was in trouble, or when he planned something intense. Butterflies in her gut were a thing of the past as they morphed into pterodactyls. A shiver went through her whole body and settled down between the joints in her knees. A deep breath did nothing to calm her at all. But one thing was for sure--her nerves skipped around from sheer ...


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