Saturday, 28 March 2015

Review For K B Mallion's Hudson's Heart

Book Synopsis:

Georgina Harris is fed up.

She is bored with her job, and her social life; disillusioned with her life in general.
On a particularly bad day, she quits her job and impulsively books a ranch holiday to Montana.

Unsettled by her life, she is moved by the beauty of the Montana ranch, Prairie Point.

With a new sense of belonging that she has never known before; she meets a mysterious, intensely charismatic cowboy, Dade Hudson. A cowboy who helps her discover the inner peace she has been longing for. A cowboy, who it seems, is fated to take her on the ride of her life… destination, Hudson’s Heart.

My Review:

I was given a complimentary copy of Hudson's Heart to see if I liked it and would recommend it to all, yes I would, it ticked all my boxes.

If found this a fantastic holiday read, it was full of activity throughout, the storyline kept you happily turning pages and it was a beautiful story, with a HEA

Dade had never shown any interest what so ever in any of the guests until Georgie arrived........

Georgie had just been through a very emotional year and booked a spur of the moment 2 week trip to Prairie Point Montana to rest and relax and recoup.

She meet the best friend a girl could ever have, Susie and they will be BFF forever, but she also en counted more than she thought she would............................

The ranch not only had a beautiful countryside,  it was the full complete package that finally got Georgie to settle for a life less demanding.

This is a def must read, and receives a 4 star rating from me.

A Little About The Author:

A former teaching assistant and care worker who is now a full time mum who after years of writing behind closed doors decides to have a mid life crisis and share her work with the world!!

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