Thursday, 12 March 2015

Promo Reveal For C L Marin's MAIDEN

Book Synopsis:

Tara secretly wished her estranged father would want her around, so when he unexpectedly contacted her, she agreed to get reacquainted. That wish turned into a nightmare. She learned that she is an Authentic Witch—the Maiden of the Moodus Coven—and the key to obliterating the black magic Haddam coven.


Thank you for letting me stop by today, and thank you to everyone out there taking time to read this. Because MAIDEN is my debut novel, you probably don’t know a lot about me as an author or as a person so let me fill you in.

I’m a full-time dental hygienist for a practice in Lafayette, IN, and I enjoy my job. It doesn’t leave me with a ton of extra time to write (though I’m working on book two as fast as I can, for those of you who’ve already finished MAIDEN, and have inquired about its release date)

I’m lucky enough to have an incredibly supportive husband who has taken on more than his fair share of housework, and child rearing, so I can live this dream. In fact, he was the one who sat me down and told me if this is what I really wanted to do I need to start making it my part-time job. So, now, every night from eight to ten, and all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is when I write.

Having that time was priceless to me. I was able to develop a close relationship with my characters. Tara, Connor, Sophia, and Travis all have birthdays and they even favorite colors, and foods. Some of that information I never intended on sharing in the book but some of it was discarded one night when I went into an editing frenzy! I’d had enough. I had worked on MAIDEN for three years at that point, and felt like it was the best I could produce, and I was tired of hearing agents say, “It’s a good story but…I pass.”

Sitting in front of my laptop, while allowing the music to rage into my head from my ear buds—blocking out any other thoughts or sounds—I deleted chapters one through eight, and in a flash MAIDEN’S new first page was born. It must have been for the best because now everyone can find MAIDEN in both print and e-book!

I’d like to invite you to take a chance on me, and purchase MAIDEN today! I hope you enjoy it. Tara needs as much support as she can get!

Please follow me on twitter (@cindy1408) or Facebook (Facebook/authorclmarin). I love to hear feedback on my writing. It’s what makes me a better writer for you guys!

Tara’s mother took her into hiding when she was small in order to keep her alive but the Haddam’s found her. Now Tara must trust the help she’s found in her three close friends, one mystifying new love, and a father she barely knows as she fights for the life of her mother using a power she doesn’t yet understand.

And one of those trusts might cost Tara her life.

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