Friday, 27 February 2015

Review For Jen Andrews Beautiful With You

Book Synopsis:

This is the third and final book for characters Zoey and Andy.

For Zoey James, life hadn’t always been easy. Until she met Andy Tate. Things changed the second she met him, and she finally had a reason for breaking down the walls she had built around herself.

The beginning of her relationship with Andy was rocky at best, but eventually they built a life together. A beautiful life.

The day Andy proposed to Zoey, she said yes.

That same night, Andy was completely blindsided by news from his past. He had lost yet another person to death. A person he didn’t even know existed.

Devastated by the news, Andy made a rash decision and moved home to New Zealand. Without Zoey.

But now, Zoey is given news that will change both of their lives forever. Instead of Zoey building the walls back up around her, she makes a choice to fight.

She is fighting for her happiness, fighting for Andy, and most of all, she is fighting for the life that they have created together.

And she has no intention of losing.

My Review:

I was asked to read and give my opinion on Beautiful With You, and I was over the moon to do that, as I had loved the last two books in the series and I knew I would love this one also.

The journey for Zoey had been a long battle and once she meet Andy the trials and tribulations didn't just automatically stop right there.

There were highs and lows, good times and bad, 

But through and through this love story keep those pages turning one after the other until there were no more to be turned.

The series was complete, and we now know what happens between Zoey and Andy, Do you.

It's a unevenly beautiful ride, that you must endure, 
4 stars from me.

A Little About The Author:

I live in a small town in Northern California with my husband and all of our rescued pets. Like the main character, Zoey, in my book series, I come from a family of mechanics. My father is a mechanic, all of his brothers are/were mechanics at one time or another. I have never NOT been around hot rods! My husband is a mechanic as well, so we have a few of our own classic Chevys. I have always been an avid reader, and finally decided to try my hand at writing after I heard a song. Yes, a song! It may sound silly, but that one song stirred up all of these ideas and emotions, that I began writing the ideas down so I would maybe, someday, actually DO something with it. I started writing my "Just Say Yes" series in October of 2012 and have completed three books for Andy and Zoey, hopefully to be released soon!

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